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Louisiana Fried Oysters
Plump Oysters coated with seasoned cornmeal and deep fried.  Served with Cajun remoulade.                         

Crab Cakes Natchitockes
Crabmeat with Creole spices coated with bread  crumbs and fried.  Served with Cajun remoulade.                         

Bourbon Street Corn Bread
A fresh loaf stuffed with two cheeses, corn, fresh herbs...then baked.                              

Crawfish Boulettes
Crawfish tail meat, creole spices, green onion, garlic, bell peppers, thyme...formed into balls & coated - then fried.  Served with Cajun remoulade.                      

Southern Style Spinach & Chicken Cakes
Boneless chicken, fresh spinach, and spices coated with seasoned bread crumbs then pan fried.  Served with a mushroom sauce.                      

Crawfish Quesadillas
Soft floures tortilla filled with crawfish tail meat, cheese and green onion then baked.  Served with corn tomato salsa.    

**Chef Wayne's Thunder Thighs Jerked
Absolutely a Must Try!!  Hotter than buffalo wings but not the same.                                  

from the

Cast Iron Skillet


All are served with rice, vegetable & jambalaya
Chicken                    $12.95
Shrimp                      $15.95
Catfish                      $14.95


Classic New Orleans Bread Pudding
with whiskey sauce
Aunt Millie's
Five Flavor Pound Cake

with brandied peaches and pecans $4.25                                    
Sweet Potato Pie
Deep Dish Bourbon Pecan Pie


Coffee    *      Tea       Soda    *    Lemonade
Iced Tea       Sweetened or Unsweetened
For all other drinks, it's
BYOB for beer & alcohol

Soup and Salad

Gumbo of the Day

Cup  $4.95               Bowl  $6.25
Just ask your server
Soup & Salad Combo
A bowl of gumbo or chowder with a house salad
Zydeco Salad
Salad greens with beans, corn, tomatoes, onions with your choice of...

Grilled Shrimp                         $12.95
Chicken                        $10.95
Fried Oysters                     $12.95

Dinner Specials

Ask your server for the list

Dinner Entrees

*Big Mamou Chef Wayne
A Deliciously spicy combination of crawfish tail meat, shrimp, red peppers, yellow squash, broccoli, and green onion in a lobster brandy cream sauce.  Served over puffed pastry.        

Chicken Mississippi
Boneless breast of chicken sauteed with sweet onion, cherry peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh spinach in a wonderful Georgian moon sauce.  Served with spinach fettuccine and Bourbon Street cheese bread.        

Louisiana Lenny's
Sausage'n'Chicken YaYa!

Boneless chicken breast wrapped around andouille sausage, seasoned with creole spices, then baked.  Served with herbed rice, Cajun country rusty tomato, mushroom gravy and corn bread.        

Shrimp-n-Sausage Jambalya
With Bourbon Street cheese bread, this is a rice dish highly seasoned and strongly flavored.                 

Chicken Etoufee
Boneless Chicken sauteed in a dark spicy bayou gravy with onions, tomatoes, celery and garlic.  Served with rice and sprinkled with crispy fried crawfish tails.        

Bayou Meat Loaf
Classic Cajun loaf of ground beef, onions, rice and spices is topped with tomato gravy.  Served with rice and vegetable.        

New Orleans Red Beans
Your choice of smoked sausage or grilled chicken, these red beans are stewed with tomatoes, onions, peppers and Acadian spices.  Served over rice with corn bread.        

Bar-B-Qued Pulled Pork
Chef Wayne's seasoned pork topped with bayou black sauce.  Served with jambalaya rice and corn bread.        

Avery Island Pasta
(Home of Tobasco®)
Linguine, roasted potatoes, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, broccoli, garlic and thyme (spicy)        

Seafood Jambalaya (Seasonal)        

Lunch Mon-Fri from 11am to 4pm 
Dinner Mon-Thur from 4pm to 8:30pm Fri 'till 9:30pm
Sat - Lunch 12 to 4 PM * Dinner 5pm to 9:30pm
From October thru May...Sunday Brunch from 10am to 3pm
Available Sundays by Appointment for Parties of 30 or More

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